Got warm butterflies in your tummy and ready to ask the big question?

Marriage proposals historically and traditionally have happened in exciting places. No matter where you propose, what matters most if love, happiness and the actual marriage. But I’m sure you didn’t come to this page to hear a speech. Below you will find our The BIG Proposal Who-What-When-Where-Why-How Guide.

The BIG Proposal Who-What-When-Where-Why-How Guide


Who should be at your proposal? Well, obviously you and the person you're proposing to. We would also suggest someone to be there to take a video and/or photos of your proposal. Comes in handy for making wedding invites and/or websites. Also, will be nice to keep as a memory of "when it all changes". Others also have collaborated with friends to bring them to scenic places without thought of a proposal in mind.


What do you need? Usually, a ring will help. Before buying a ring without an exact "ring size" make sure it can be resized for your partner. If not, you will have to play detective work and/or just flat out ask for their ring size (This makes it a little more obvious lol).


If you're proposing outside, make sure the lighting is good on you and your partner.


Love, companionship, partnering through life, etc, etc


"Your mission if you accept it" agent Proposer is to go on a lowkey date or a simple life errand and somehow end up in a spot good enough for photos, memories and romance.

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Congratulations on your engagement, now the planning has officially begun.