Help me with for my wedding

Below is a quick checklist of things you may need for your big day. 

  • Contract with event venue

    Does this include food, decorations, tables, chairs, music, bar and officiant?

  • Wedding official

    Someone certified by the state to perform weddings. I.e a pastor, official, etc.

  • Rings

    You will need 2 sets of rings, traditionally. Silver, gold, white gold, diamonds, cubic zirconium, etc, etc.

  • Pre-Marriage counseling

    We recommend it

  • Wedding vows?

    Writing your own vows or using ChatGPT lol?

  • Tuxedos

    Men tradtionally wear tuxedos. Are you buying or renting yours?

  • Dresses

    Bridemaids, maiden and matrons of honors do you have your dresses? Will they all match or are liberties allowed? Are they keeping theirs or they getting rentals?

  • Parents / family reps?

    Traditionally you will want to walk down the aisle with a parent. What about their outfits too?

  • Flowers

    Includes bouquette

  • How will food be served?

    Banquet style? Will you need to hire servers?

  • Food

    Wedding food is quite expensiv and often higghest part of the bill.

  • Cake

    My favorite part of the ceremony. Who is baking the wedding cake or cakes?

  • Drinks?

    Who is serving drinks? Got a special menu? Drinks are a close second for expense. Pre-tipping?

  • Decor

    Who's taking care of all of the decorating and who's paying for it?

  • Photographer

    An Iphone or Android is not good enough. You will want to hire a photographer or a team of photographers for your big day. Make sure you feed them too of course.

  • Videographer

    An Iphone or Android is not good enough. You will want to hire a videographer or a team of videographerd for your big day. Make sure you feed them too of course.

  • DJ + live music

    You probably can't afford DJ Khalid, but you will probably be able to afford a local DJ to play dance and entrance music as welll as make announcements.

  • Save The date invites

  • Kids allowed?

    Have this disucssion early on. Childcare options are not easy.

  • Wedding registry

    Yes, your friends and family will love to buy some things to help you all celebrate.

  • Wedding invites

    Website to view RSVPs?

  • Open Bar?

    Will you be prepaying for the drinks or guests have to buy themselves?

  • Honeymoon?

    Going on a vacation after and if so when, where and how long? How much is that gonna cost ya?

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